Who is the Notary?

Notaries Public is an authorized professional to certify documents, particularly international documents.A notary public in Victoria is a senior lawyer qualified for certifying and attesting documents intended for use anywhere in the world.

A simple fact: All the lawyers are not the Notary Public. However, all the Notaries and Practicing Solicitors.

What is notarization?

The simple meaning of notarization is that a document is made acceptable either in Australia or overseas as a genuine certificate. A notary certifies the genuineness of the document or the authenticity of a signature of a person. A notarized document is a document that has been certified by a Notary Publick as genuine.

We notarize the copies as authentic, which the DFAT will accept for legalizing your document as a genuine of the original.

Most importantly, if someone needs to send documents overseas signed by them, the signature must be placed before a Notary Public. The most common such document is the POWER OF ATTORNEY to use overseas. We are specialists in preparing POWER OF ATTORNEYS or certifying signatures.

Can a Notary certify a document other than in the English language?

Should the Notary Public require to certify a document that the signatory has understood the document’s contents, it is necessary the Notary Publick is well aware of the same language of the documents drafted, or it must be in the English language.

If a Notary Public is required to verify you have understood the contents of a document, the document must be translated into English. You may find an accredited translator on the NAATI website at http://www.naati.com.au.

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